Yahoo has created its own set of tools that can be extremely useful to teachers.

  • Flickr - This collection of user-contributed photos even beats Google Images for quality photos.


  1. Read about how some teachers are using Flickr with their students.
  2. View some student submitted Flickr assignments. Be sure to click on a few of the photos to view notes written about the math involved.
  3. Create a Flickr account.
  4. Upload a photo to your account.
  5. Add notes.
  6. Share a link to your photo in the "Flickr makes learning with photos fun" forum.

  • - This site makes tracking your bookmarks easy.


  1. Create a account.
  2. View this podcast (18 minutes) to learn about more ways to use
  3. Tag one of your favorite educational websites with a socialsoftware07 tag.