About Me

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My name is Sue Waters and I’m the person behind Mobile Technology in TAFE web sites. But before I tell you about these web sites let me first give you a glimpse of who I am.

I’m Australian based in Perth and are married with two kids. Definitely love my work as a full-time TAFE lecturer, as I live in a northern suburb of Perth and travel 45 mins to my workplace at Challenger TAFE in pretty Fremantle (right next to the ocean). Fantastic job - I get to work both with fish and teach other lecturers about e-learning (definitely an usual and fishy combination).

About Mobile Technology in TAFE web sites

external image logo2.gifI have been sharing my experiences with Web 2.0, e-learning and m-learning (mobile learning) since early 2006 through my Mobile Technology in TAFE web sites:
  1. I originally started out with my Mobile technology in TAFE podcast site for my audio and video podcasts.
  2. When I wanted a site to share “How to” - I set up Mobile Technology in TAFE wiki site.
  3. Finally I wanted a site where I could record and express my thoughts, and so I started a blog.

What else I am involved with

Yes, people do wonder that with all the different sites I must have no time left - not true. Here is what else I am involved with:external image studentspda.jpg
  • e-learning - I am in responsible for all online students who study aquaculture remotely at Challenger TAFE via the Internet plus I use e-learning with my on-campus students (read more about my online students!)
  • m-learning - I am well known in Australia for my use of m-learning with students (e.g. check out how I use PDAs with my students) and as a podcaster
  • professional development - part of my job involves facilitating professional development workshops with other lecturing staff
  • speaking - I regularly speak at conferences and workshops for other organizations on various topics relating to web 2.0, e-learning and m-learning.

Based on my sites it is not hard to pick that I am into technology - just a little - and I do spend a lot of time researching this topic - which is huge as it includes e-learning, Web 2.0, m-learning and mobile technology. Don’t worry I do fit time in for my personal life - I love nothing better than a good book or a movie at the cinema.