The term podcast is a hybrid of the words iPod and broadcast. It refers to an audio or video file that can be downloaded and played on the computer, burned to a CD, or transferred to a portable audio device.

This type of audio/video has been around since the rise of the web nearly twenty years ago. People created audio/video files and linked them to websites where you could click on the link and listen to or download the content. There is really nothing different about podcasts. Why have they become to popular in the past year then?

The answer again is rss. When the rss 2.0 standard was introduced it included the ability to attach files to the feed. This meant that you could attach any type of file to your feed. It so happened that the file type that became the rage was audio (and eventually video) and podcasting was born.

What has made podcasting so popular is that people can now experience content of interest to them when they want. Instead of listening to sports talk or news talk radio, they can listen to or watch podcasts about education, educational technology, knitting, science fiction, or whatever else they are interested in.


  1. Browse the catalog of podcasts available in iTunes.
  2. Subscribe to one podcast. Remember, however, that podcasts that you subscribe to using this computer are only available for use on this computer.
  3. Describe your experience with podcasting on your wiki portfolio.