tiny_pic.jpgLisa Parisi

Grade 5 Classroom Teacher, New Hyde Park, Long Island, New York
District Technology Staff Developer
School Technology Facilitator
Webcast Intern
Contact Info: lparisi@herricks.org
Blog: Lisa's Lingo
Student Blog: South Paris Collaborative
Class Website: South Paris Collaborative

Why Social Software?

I have made huge strides in my learning this summer due to the help and support of my online friends. Social software is a fabulous way to allow individuals to work and learn together.

My students are often asked to work in groups. They must always stop their learning when the school day is complete, even when they want to continue at home. They must always take turns when working on a project and, inevitably, one or two children per group do all the work while the rest watch. Quieter children usually just step aside and let the more vocal children make decisions.

Social software allows groups to work together. Work, because it is online, can continue at home. So children can communicate with each other outside of school. Quieter children are given a platform to use their voices. Each group member can be held accountable simply by monitoring the changes made in documents. And when children work together, they are able to benefit from the strengths of their group mates.

In addition, social software is often simply motivating. It is a change from simple paper and pencil assignments. And motivated children produce better work.

Some Wikis I Have Created

Introduction to Web 2.0 - I created this to use for the class I am teaching in October. I will be asking the adult students to respond to applications in the discussion section of the wiki.
Responsive Classroom - I created this after going through Responsive Classroom training this summer. I invited all my classmates into the wiki and am still hoping for more of a response. So far only two people other than me have added to the wiki.
Writing Traits - This is a work in progress. My husband (a fourth grade teacher) and I have been using this to redesign our writing program for the year.
Sign of the Beaver - This wiki was created by my co-teacher and me. We are using this with our students to help us run a book discussion.