Darren Draper: 16:16:48
Darren Draper invites you to Yugma session.
Please click https://www.yugma.com/yugmaskype/installer/loading.php?user=&role=0&collsession=126244027 to join the session now.
Robin Ellis: 16:26:05
Hello everyone
angeedrapernotthecity: 16:26:19
Hello everybody.
gabriela sellart: 16:26:24
Darren Draper: 16:26:28
Robin Ellis: 16:27:25
Hello Dave
tarh2o: 16:28:07
Hi Robin
Lisa Parisi: 16:30:14
Robin Ellis: 16:30:36
Hello Lisa
tarh2o: 16:34:36
Hi Lisa, Angee, Gabrela, and Darren
Lisa Parisi: 16:34:43
Hi Dave
gabriela sellart: 16:35:04
hi Dave
tarh2o: 16:35:17
@Lisa, where is Nesconset?
Lisa Parisi: 16:35:26
long island new york
tarh2o: 16:35:45
Darren Draper: 16:36:18
Darren Draper: 16:36:45
Hello guys.
tarh2o: 16:37:06
This should be fun
Darren Draper: 16:38:40
We'll get it. Hold tight.
Darren Draper: 16:39:22
Darren Draper: 16:40:04
Is everybody here?
Darren Draper: 16:42:00
Is anybody here in the chatroom able to see the Quicktime stream?
tarh2o: 16:42:14
Anyone not here please respond now
Robin Ellis: 16:42:30
I am here
gabriela sellart: 16:42:42
What's the Quicktime stream?
Robin Ellis: 16:43:13
They are working on the stream now
Robin Ellis: 16:43:45
I think we are going to use Yugma
gabriela sellart: 16:45:03
I have a class now. I'm coming back
Lisa Parisi: 16:45:13
brb..eating dinner
Darren Draper: 16:46:34
Try this, guys:
Darren Draper: 16:46:36
Robin Ellis: 16:47:29
hello Lorie
Darren Draper: 16:47:29
Darren Draper: 16:47:37
Robin Ellis: 16:48:30
Dave where are you joining us from?
tarh2o: 16:49:18
Idledale, Colorado, in the mountains just west of Denver
Robin Ellis: 16:49:29
Great thanks for coming
Darren Draper: 16:49:33
Let's try this for video.
Darren Draper: 16:49:34
Darren Draper: 16:49:39
Password: collaborate
Darren Draper: 16:49:59
Let's go three more minutes and we'll begin?
Darren Draper: 16:52:58
Are you there now, Sue?
Sue Waters: 16:53:07
yes and tired
Robin Ellis: 16:53:18
Welcome Sue
Sue Waters: 16:53:21
no sound
Darren Draper: 16:53:22
Can you hear us? Getting video from yugma?
Sue Waters: 16:53:33
can see screen you writing
Sue Waters: 16:54:05
here now
Sue Waters: 16:54:27
Hi Dave
Sue Waters: 16:55:34
Was I meant to eat breakfast first?
Sue Waters: 16:57:21
Sue Waters: 16:57:28
Darren Draper: 16:57:43
Sure. We're game.
Robin Ellis: 16:59:28
I am here
Darren Draper: 17:01:48
Lisa Parisi: 17:02:03
i just plugged in a headset so that noise isn't me
tarh2o: 17:02:10
It's not me. I unplugged my microphone
Sue Waters: 17:02:20
maybe it is the link to Australia
Sue Waters: 17:03:25
Darren Draper: 17:03:27
Sue Waters: 17:03:46
Why don't "I try mute audio and see what happens?
Lisa Parisi: 17:05:02
Robin Ellis: 17:05:04
darren I lost the yugma
tarh2o: 17:05:06
I will mute my audio as well, tell me if it helps
Robin Ellis: 17:05:13
will reconnect
Darren Draper: 17:05:17
Sue Waters: 17:05:18
Mmmmm maybe it is the application?
Lisa Parisi: 17:05:19
ooops thought it was gone
Darren Draper: 17:05:26
Yugma downside?
Sue Waters: 17:05:31
Sue Waters: 17:05:36
do you want Elluminate?
Darren Draper: 17:05:49
Do you have a room we could use?
Sue Waters: 17:05:57
Yesnot a porblem
Sue Waters: 17:06:04
yes not a problem
Darren Draper: 17:06:04
Sounds great.
Sue Waters: 17:06:15
okay will just go and book ar room
Sue Waters: 17:06:19
be back
Lisa Parisi: 17:07:03
can't hear you anymore
Lisa Parisi: 17:07:12
you sound very far away
Sue Waters: 17:07:18
me neither'
Robin Ellis: 17:07:36
No sound for me
emilykunz: 17:07:58
Sandy, Utah
loriewr: 17:08:07
I am Lorie Russell teaching at Alta High School in Sandy, Ut
Lisa Parisi: 17:08:32
can't hear anything
Robin Ellis: 17:08:37
Darren I can't get back into yugma
Sue Waters: 17:09:26
Elluminate link https://sas.elluminate.com/m.jnlp?password=M.3B8FCF0D70B3815EEDF67434CA38A9
Robin Ellis: 17:09:58
I have yugma chat
Sue Waters: 17:10:03
Darren I have just added Elluminate link if you want to use?
Darren Draper: 17:11:11
Sue Waters is my hero.
Lisa Parisi: 17:11:11
i never seen elluminate before...just keep hearing about it
Lisa Parisi: 17:11:22
Lisa Parisi: 17:12:52
losing sound again
tarh2o: 17:27:28
Yes, I know Carl, his district (Littleton PS) is about 25 miles from my district
tarh2o: 17:28:40
Carl has a new version of this video just released a few weeks ago, same premise but with some good updates

williams.beck: 16:21:04
Hi everyone!
Robin Ellis: 16:21:17
Sue Waters: 16:22:11
just getting a drink
Sue Waters: 16:24:13
Sue Waters: 16:24:21
any here?
Robin Ellis: 16:26:36
Ok this one
Sue Waters: 16:26:50
I am here
Robin Ellis: 16:27:19
Craig are you here?
angeedrapernotthecity: 16:27:34
Skype quit on the other machine. :)
Craig: 16:27:36
Darren Draper: 16:27:54
Is the steam working for everyone?
Robin Ellis: 16:27:57
Ok great we are starting with just the chat may be too many for audio
Sue Waters: 16:28:00
ustream no
Robin Ellis: 16:28:16
Darren I have no audio from you
Sue Waters: 16:29:17
do we have audio?
Robin Ellis: 16:29:31
Only Darren and I
Craig: 16:29:40
That's good
Sue Waters: 16:29:47
Sio I am not meant to hear anything'
Robin Ellis: 16:30:00
No using chat right now Sue
Sue Waters: 16:30:08
still waking up
Robin Ellis: 16:30:28
We are working on the ustream at the moment
Sue Waters: 16:30:39
let me know if you need Elluminate
Robin Ellis: 16:30:53
Ok we may
Sue Waters: 16:31:06
I will go and book in case
John Maklary: 16:32:33
I have audio set up. can we test it?
Sue Waters: 16:32:43
here is your guest link if you want to use https://sas.elluminate.com/m.jnlp?password=M.7EF55421C32FA6FB59E345CAEE74DB
Robin Ellis: 16:32:55
we are going for audio
Robin Ellis: 16:32:58
in skype
Robin Ellis: 16:35:16
craig send contact info to Darren
Robin Ellis: 16:35:31
he requested authorization please give
Craig: 16:35:45
I thought I did
Craig: 16:36:08
Craig: 16:38:37
Sue Waters: 16:38:43
John Maklary: 16:38:47
Sue Waters: 16:39:56
ozi_nominatum moonsong@optusnet.com.au
John Maklary: 16:40:07
John is in Katy, Tejas
Sue Waters: 16:40:10
Western Australia Perth
Craig: 16:40:18
Blooming Glen, Bucks Co. PA USA
gabriela sellart: 16:40:31
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Sue Waters: 16:40:40
Is the Sun up here
gabriela sellart: 16:41:14
gabriela sellart: 16:41:35
it's already dark
Darren Draper: 16:41:42
williams.beck: 16:41:44
williams.beck: 16:42:09
Sandy, UT, USA
Darren Draper: 16:43:42
126-925-629 YugmaSkype session
Darren Draper: 16:44:37
John Maklary: 16:45:23
where did you all go, did I close a window or something???
Darren Draper: 16:45:33
Sorry, my Skype quit :)
Sue Waters: 16:45:39
Sue Waters: 16:45:47
I was busy looking after the kids
John Maklary: 16:45:47
bugger! Love it!
Sue Waters: 16:46:02
now they ae running lose around the house with no cyber baby sister
Craig: 16:48:44
Lost audio/ Got Yugma
Craig: 16:49:05
Can you get me back in the chat
Robin Ellis: 16:49:32
hi kristen
Darren Draper: 16:50:06
Session ID: 126-925-629
Darren Draper: 16:50:12
Darren Draper: 16:50:40
Sue Waters: 16:52:08
Simon they are just trying to get everyone in
Kristin Hokanson: 16:58:19
and the 5 other conversations I have going on at the same time :P
Robin Ellis: 17:00:40
Hello Richard
Kristin Hokanson: 17:00:42
where is everyone from....I am from Suburban Phila...but am currently in Harrisburg,PA
Kristin Hokanson: 17:00:47
I have lost my audio feed
Robin Ellis: 17:00:56
Darren lost audio from you
Sue Waters: 17:00:57
Perth Western Australia
Kristin Hokanson: 17:01:04
sue waters too
Darren Draper: 17:01:09
gabriela sellart: 17:01:13
I've lost audio too
Richard Stewart: 17:01:27
Hello everyone.
Richard Stewart: 17:01:37
I could hear for a second, but then lost the call.
Sue Waters: 17:01:39
Simon Brown: 17:01:51
gabriela sellart: 17:01:52
hi Richard
Richard Stewart: 17:01:57
Simon Brown: 17:02:11
did I break something?
Robin Ellis: 17:02:16
We are calling back again
Sue Waters: 17:02:20
no Darren did
Richard Stewart: 17:02:35
I may be a quiet observer tonight, as my wife is in class and I am trying to keep tabs on my 2 year old.
Richard Stewart: 17:02:52
So if I don't respond right away, you know why.
Darren Draper: 17:03:00
Robin Ellis: 17:03:57
Fine Richard
Richard Stewart: 17:04:08
Has anyone used a 'Skypecast
Kristin Hokanson: 17:04:13
ok so sue is from Australia I am in the US Phila...where is evryone else
Richard Stewart: 17:04:23
Salt Lake City, Utah.
Kristin Hokanson: 17:04:29
Richard... I did one the other night when David Warlick was presenting here
williams.beck: 17:04:33
Kristin Hokanson: 17:04:37
I had folks in the room in our chat
Simon Brown: 17:04:45
I'm from Oz
Robin Ellis: 17:04:48
I am from eastern PA north of Philadlphia
Kristin Hokanson: 17:04:51
and folks from aroudn the state and IL I was piping out Audio
Richard Stewart: 17:05:40
I just signed up for Skype today and saw them (skypecasts) and wondered if they worked well.
Robin Ellis: 17:06:04
It seems to be fine as we are reaching our limit of participants
Simon Brown: 17:06:37
I'm 9am in Brisbane
Robin Ellis: 17:06:50
Sue Waters: 17:06:52
I bet you Simon
John Maklary: 17:06:59
I'm back, sorry
Sue Waters: 17:07:04
West Aussie are the winner
Robin Ellis: 17:07:08
Fine John
Simon Brown: 17:07:23
I'll beat you to bed tonight
Sue Waters: 17:07:39
maybe maybe not
Sue Waters: 17:07:47
hav now
Kristin Hokanson: 17:07:49
Simon Brown: 17:07:56
yes - good one
Robin Ellis: 17:07:57
Richard we will watching a couple of videos
Sue Waters: 17:08:18
How many teachers are with you today in the classroom
Robin Ellis: 17:08:24
If you go to http://socialsoftware07.wikispaces.com
Robin Ellis: 17:08:44
there are links there to the clips for you to watch
Robin Ellis: 17:09:24
Richard are you able to get to the site
Kristin Hokanson: 17:10:11
I am using tomorrow am
Kristin Hokanson: 17:10:22
or in 13 hours to do a session on del.icio.us
Robin Ellis: 17:11:35
Robin Ellis: 17:11:45
Robin Ellis: 17:11:53
Lost again
Sue Waters: 17:11:56
he lose us again
Kristin Hokanson: 17:12:04
John Maklary: 17:12:10
gotta love technology
Sue Waters: 17:12:10
Kristin Hokanson: 17:12:13
I think it maxes out at 15
Sue Waters: 17:12:20
how many are we at?
Kristin Hokanson: 17:12:22
for audio
Sue Waters: 17:12:25
williams.beck: 17:12:31
Adding Cynthia maxed us out.
Simon Brown: 17:12:36
I'll join again later - my ute needs towbar wiring done - back soon
Sue Waters: 17:12:45
seeya simon
Robin Ellis: 17:13:09
craig call darren
Kristin Hokanson: 17:14:10
still no audio for me
Robin Ellis: 17:14:17
Hi Cynthia
Robin Ellis: 17:14:25
Kristen hang up
Robin Ellis: 17:14:29
Darren will call
Kristin Hokanson: 17:14:42
he keeps ringinonec
Kristin Hokanson: 17:15:34
am back
Robin Ellis: 17:15:37
Kristen you need to restart and Darren will call again
Kristin Hokanson: 17:15:38
Darren Draper: 17:15:40
Kristin Hokanson: 17:15:45
I did
Sue Waters: 17:15:49
I will be back in a minute
cynthia_faith: 17:16:31
I am on yet?
Darren Draper: 17:16:39
Hello Cynthia.
Robin Ellis: 17:16:40
Yes you are
Kristin Hokanson: 17:17:28
by all
Kristin Hokanson: 17:17:31
hanging up
Robin Ellis: 17:17:38
Robin Ellis: 17:31:15
Durff we are afraid to add you to the audio so just the chat
Durff: 17:31:26
Durff: 17:31:39
how many are there?
Durff: 17:31:52
is there a stream?
angeedrapernotthecity: 17:32:10
Hi Durff. I'd add you to audio, but I think we'll freeze.
angeedrapernotthecity: 17:32:31
I'll try to add you to the video stream soon...
Durff: 17:32:41
is anyone streaming?
angeedrapernotthecity: 17:32:50
Robin Ellis: 17:33:02
we are using yugma
Durff: 17:33:14
loading now
Durff: 17:33:31
we had a storm
Sue Waters: 17:35:25
just got to cook some breaksfast for Ms8 back in min
Durff: 17:35:57
breakfast? i want potatoes and fake eggs
Durff: 17:36:16
and coffee
gabriela sellart: 17:36:26
i should be making dinner
Durff: 17:36:41
what's on the menu?
gabriela sellart: 17:36:50
nothing yet
Durff: 17:36:54
Robin Ellis: 17:37:16
http://docs.google.com/PresentationEditor?id=ah44j8d3ksr8_70cqkmtj Here you go Durff
Durff: 17:37:24
Robin Ellis: 17:37:37
you are welcome
Durff: 17:37:44
no access
Robin Ellis: 17:38:04
Hold on
Durff: 17:38:07
don't know why
Sue Waters: 17:38:54
Robin Ellis: 17:39:02
Robin Ellis: 17:39:36
Robin Ellis: 17:39:45
will this one work?
Sue Waters: 17:39:47
can you grant me permission to view suewater@gmail.com
Durff: 17:39:56
that's working
Durff: 17:40:04
Robin Ellis: 17:40:05
Robin Ellis: 17:40:09
Sue try this one
Durff: 17:41:05
which slide?
Durff: 17:41:13
Sue Waters: 17:41:15
Robin Ellis: 17:41:17
Durff: 17:41:27
angeedrapernotthecity: 17:42:35
angeedrapernotthecity: 17:42:39
John Maklary: 17:42:56
Durff, just click on follow presenter and you'll get "synced"
Durff: 17:43:13
angeedrapernotthecity: 17:43:28
we're on slide 11
Durff: 17:43:31
what does that mean or do i need to know?
Sue Waters: 17:44:01
Here are some of her comments on Ning "The kids are LOVING it. They immediately got excited about being able to personalize their pages, etc. and have been busily uploading photos and so forth. They've also started some good discussions in the forum section on some pretty substantive subjects (racism and Iraq).
Durff: 17:44:30
i have ning and belong to many nings
Durff: 17:44:42
do i still need to 'sync'?
Sue Waters: 17:44:42
this is the rest of Michele's comments "They're uploading photos that don't necessarily present them in the best light professionally. They aren't bad--they just aren't professional. I've set it up so that I approve any photo or video before it goes up, so I have all of them in a holding pattern for now. What we're going to do is start a discussion on how to decide what photos should go on the site--how do they want to present themselves. The beauty is that because we're using Ning, I can invite business people from the community to weigh in on these conversations and offer their own perspectives. This just wouldn't be possible if we weren't using Ning"
Sue Waters: 17:45:43
Darren Simon asked if you can ring him?
Durff: 17:46:32
what level?
Robin Ellis: 17:47:06
I can add him to the chat Sue I don't think Darren will add to audio
John Maklary: 17:47:26
Durff, In the google presentation, there is something to click to follow the presenter, then when Darren moves ahead, you do to.
Robin Ellis: 17:47:32
Hi Simon
Durff: 17:47:46
thanks john
Simon Brown: 17:47:55
Hi Robin
John Maklary: 17:48:01
no problemo, glad you joined.
Durff: 17:48:07
found it john - thanks
Robin Ellis: 17:48:08
We can't add anyone else to the audio, sorry
John Maklary: 17:48:09
heck, I'm glad I joined
Durff: 17:49:01
John Maklary: 17:49:41
I still can't get my head wrapped around social networks for students. I know they relate to it but maybe I'm just dense. Are we trying to cram a square peg into a round hole?
John Maklary: 17:49:55
...just because it's cool????
Durff: 17:49:59
you are not dense
John Maklary: 17:50:16
you're too nice durff
Durff: 17:50:24
nope - because it is engaging
williams.beck: 17:50:25
Also needing the definition of LMS
Simon Brown: 17:50:25
they are using social networks anyhow
Durff: 17:50:30
no, i am not
Durff: 17:50:36
i am just real
John Maklary: 17:50:37
LMS=Learning Mgmt system
williams.beck: 17:50:37
Thank you
Simon Brown: 17:50:39
might as well meet them there
Durff: 17:50:41
John Maklary: 17:50:44
Moodle rocks
Durff: 17:50:49
Durff: 17:51:04
my school refuses to download it
Durff: 17:51:08
John Maklary: 17:51:24
I just don't see a REAL need.. Go Durff
Simon Brown: 17:51:58
my students use SN to connect between blocks of training
Simon Brown: 17:52:13
and to show off their work
Durff: 17:53:45
interrupt often - i talk too much anyway
Sue Waters: 17:54:12
talk durff I am writing your information for a presentation for tomorrow
Durff: 17:54:20
Sue Waters: 17:56:12
Sue Waters: 17:56:58
check out the mini legends pop past and write a comment they like to see the red dots
Sue Waters: 17:57:27
the mini legends who are 8 years old and they joined us all in a global blogging challenging
Durff: 17:58:41
3 points for SL!
Durff: 17:59:36
wjicj one?
Durff: 17:59:50
Durff: 17:59:53
which one
angeedrapernotthecity: 18:00:04
Gee. How Video Games Teach Literacy
Durff: 18:00:27
guess i need to visit my second life more
Durff: 18:00:36
James Paul Gee
Sue Waters: 18:00:51
I don't believe Sue Waters knows balance
Durff: 18:03:24
i think she does
Durff: 18:04:55
it was May 25th i think
Sue Waters: 18:05:29
Why are 8 year olds hard work?
Robin Ellis: 18:05:49
Lots of energy!
Durff: 18:06:02
i wish i had that energy
Robin Ellis: 18:06:08
me too
Durff: 18:06:18
Durff: 18:06:46
great pic
Durff: 18:07:15
i thought it reported 86%?
Durff: 18:07:37
and they txt during class
Craig: 18:08:20
I've heard teens are connected to tech for an average of 47 hrs each week in USA
Robin Ellis: 18:08:24
Students are not to have phones in school
Durff: 18:08:51
i break those rules
Craig: 18:09:47
Yet their parents keep showing up with things at the office and the kids know they're coming...They call from somewhere.
williams.beck: 18:10:04
Excellent distinction
Craig: 18:12:24
Durff: 18:13:45
it is not one more thing
Durff: 18:13:51
it is instead of
Sue Waters: 18:13:53
Darren overwhelmed ROFL
Durff: 18:13:58
and it is quicker
Durff: 18:14:03
so much
Sue Waters: 18:16:53
it worked well
Sue Waters: 18:17:28
Break would be nice because I need to get my breakfast
Sue Waters: 18:17:37
thank goodness
Lisa Parisi: 18:20:46
sorry i missed tonight...extremely busy week ...how did it go?
Robin Ellis: 18:21:42
It has gone well Lisa, better than last week
Lisa Parisi: 18:22:15
really wanted to be there but just got home at 7 and had to spend time with daughter
Lisa Parisi: 18:22:29
haven't been home in two nights
Robin Ellis: 18:22:31
That is where you should spend your time
Lisa Parisi: 18:22:51
so what did you do tonight? is it in the wiki?
Robin Ellis: 18:24:02
We have used Yugma tonight and yes it is all on the wiki
Lisa Parisi: 18:24:23
great i'll check it out
Robin Ellis: 18:24:24
Google presentation and great conversations about social software
Lisa Parisi: 18:24:59
damn...wanted to work on google pres
Durff: 18:25:55
hi parisi!
Lisa Parisi: 18:26:04
hey durff!
Lisa Parisi: 18:26:23
so sorry i missed your show monday...had a fancy city dinner
Durff: 18:26:25
Kristin Hokanson: 18:26:38
hey there glad you are all around
Lisa Parisi: 18:26:47
hi kristin
Kristin Hokanson: 18:26:49
this is our final project for our session
Kristin Hokanson: 18:27:04
Lisa Parisi: 18:27:05
wht;s this wiki durff?
Durff: 18:27:07
http://durffstudyskills.pbwiki.com/DAILY+SCRIBE+SIGN-UPS kids sign up for Daily Scribe
Lisa Parisi: 18:27:23
is this wiki individual pages?
Durff: 18:27:24
Parisi - that is middle school
Durff: 18:27:44
and second one is Study Skills
Lisa Parisi: 18:28:06
so you give everyone a page?
Durff: 18:29:26
yes Lisa here is Projects wiki http://durff.pbwiki.com/
Sue Waters: 18:29:28
Durff: 18:29:36
i do parisi
Durff: 18:29:56
and i make them make their own page
Lisa Parisi: 18:29:58
but durff..i have 22 kids...and what about other classes participating?
Durff: 18:30:02
i am sooo mean
Lisa Parisi: 18:30:16
we could end up with hundreds of pages!
Durff: 18:30:23
you can have an unlimited amount of pages
Durff: 18:30:28
catch is
Durff: 18:30:41
if they want images
Durff: 18:32:34
gabriela sellart: 18:33:35
I've lost the audio
Darren Draper: 18:33:43
Session ID: 126-925-629
Sue Waters: 18:33:48
Ive got audio
Darren Draper: 18:33:52
gabriela sellart: 18:34:23
yes I entered but the screen doesn't appear
Sue Waters: 18:34:42
Well I am not able to enter as you have stopped sharing on desktop
gabriela sellart: 18:34:43
i'll try again
Sue Waters: 18:34:55
and can not shutdown the other version
Robin Ellis: 18:36:28
Darren I am not in yugma do I have to join again
Sue Waters: 18:36:42
I can not enter yugma
John Maklary: 18:36:49
echoing what sue said
Kristin Hokanson: 18:36:56
bhey I have WAY too much going on this eve
Kristin Hokanson: 18:37:05
will catch y'all next week
Craig: 18:37:10
Are we done with Yugma?
Sue Waters: 18:37:11
lets keep echoing and Dareen might hear us
Robin Ellis: 18:37:15
Robin Ellis: 18:37:40
Darren none of us are in yugma do you want us to all log in again
John Maklary: 18:37:41
what I meant was I can't get into the Yugma either. Share your desktop Darren
Sue Waters: 18:37:51
yes please Darren
John Maklary: 18:38:17
can't you multitask
Sue Waters: 18:39:09
no Darren is an unitasker
Robin Ellis: 18:39:39
Ok have your screen
Sue Waters: 18:39:44
all good
John Maklary: 18:40:04
Unitasker... I'm going to wikipedia that word.
Sue Waters: 18:40:42
John read this post http://aquaculturepda.edublogs.org/2007/09/24/multitasking-embrace-the-future/
angeedrapernotthecity: 18:40:44
I'll show you what "unitasker" means...
Sue Waters: 18:41:00
I have shared the post Darren you pic is there
angeedrapernotthecity: 18:41:08
Unitasker :) http://aquaculturepda.edublogs.org/files/2007/09/unitasker.jpg
Simon Brown: 18:41:15
angeedrapernotthecity: 18:41:16
I'm slow, too. :)
Simon Brown: 18:41:17
Sue Waters: 18:41:59
But I don't agree with 5 kids you have to be a multasker
John Maklary: 18:42:25
You guys are out of control! I love the knowledge oozing about
angeedrapernotthecity: 18:42:26
My *wife* is a multitasker, not me. She's incredible.
Robin Ellis: 18:42:48
oozing I like the expression John!
angeedrapernotthecity: 18:42:58
Clean off your keyboards.
Sue Waters: 18:43:26
Well today during this session I have had a shower, dressed while listening - dropped ironing board on foot, ate breakfast cooked breakfast for kids and made their lunches doing my hair
Robin Ellis: 18:43:59
WOW! you are way beyond me!
John Maklary: 18:44:18
Wow Sue!
Sue Waters: 18:44:29
The ironing board hurt
Durff: 18:44:51
ouch Sue
Sue Waters: 18:45:04
am pondering if I can join an Abode Connect session while I am doing this plus an Elluminate session on social bookmarking
gabriela sellart: 18:45:05
and your day has just begum
Sue Waters: 18:45:32
yes and still have to write presentatation on social networking for tomorrow
Simon Brown: 18:45:44
Sue where's your pres tomorrow?
Sue Waters: 18:45:55
NSW Learnscope you want to join us?
Simon Brown: 18:46:10
yes if I may...
Sue Waters: 18:46:13
Sue Waters: 18:46:15
anyone can
Sue Waters: 18:46:25
John Maklary: 18:46:56
http://jp2saints.pbwiki.com - my wiki for students posting work. Not much there yet, just some Web 2.0 intro stuff
Simon Brown: 18:46:57
Robin Ellis: 18:46:58
sue you will have to tell me where you want me tomorrow and with what
Sue Waters: 18:47:15
I am still waiting for them to give me details
Durff: 18:47:27
Sue Waters: 18:47:35
I am thinking at this time I will just get you to come in and join the conversation like we are doing here
Sue Waters: 18:47:45
Read this
Robin Ellis: 18:48:06
Ok what time?
Sue Waters: 18:48:08
Durff: 18:48:10
http://socialsoftware07.wikispaces.com/ >\
Sue Waters: 18:48:31
I believe it is 9-10 Perth Western Australian time
Durff: 18:48:41
Robin Ellis: 18:48:45
Ok 9-10 PM mine
Sue Waters: 18:48:54
yes 9-10 am
Durff: 18:49:07
Simon Brown: 18:49:13
WA is GMT+8 (?)
Durff: 18:49:19
Robin Ellis: 18:49:20
Ok I will be online to wait for your call
Sue Waters: 18:49:27
still writing the presentation Durff can I use your quote on communication collsaboration and connection?
Sue Waters: 18:50:11
Anyone that wants to join us tomorrow email me at suewater@gmail.com called "Where's the Title" my social network is crap!
Craig: 18:51:59
I'm going to tuck in the boys. Thanks! Bye for now.
Robin Ellis: 18:52:16
Bye Craig thanks for coming
Robin Ellis: 18:52:23
I will talk to you soon
John Maklary: 18:53:31
I'll be baaack. Put the kiddos down for bed.
Robin Ellis: 18:53:40
Ok John
Richard Stewart: 18:54:31
Did I miss much? :)
Richard Stewart: 18:54:43
I am sure I did.
Sue Waters: 18:54:45
not sure busy mutlitasking
Sue Waters: 18:54:48
Robin Ellis: 18:55:01
We are going to post the skypechat you will be able to see tomorrow
Richard Stewart: 18:55:05
Sue Waters: 18:55:16
rollng on the floor laughing
Richard Stewart: 18:55:24
Ok. I will read the skype chat log tomorrow.
Sue Waters: 18:55:33
there is another way of doing it too
Richard Stewart: 18:55:35
Thanks for the update on the lingo Sue.
Robin Ellis: 18:55:40
im language, need to know what all those mean too
Richard Stewart: 18:56:15
I am pretty familiar with the IM lingo on the TV commercials, but not much beyond that.
Lisa Parisi: 18:57:40
i'm not trial..ing
Robin Ellis: 18:58:14
No sure what that is
Durff: 18:58:25
Durff: 18:58:34
where is it hidden?
Sue Waters: 18:58:50
I don't think it is me?
Lisa Parisi: 18:59:05
i'm heading out...have to try to get this sound fixed if it is me...i'm not recording anything and that comes from vac cables
Lisa Parisi: 18:59:10
but i did just download them
angeedrapernotthecity: 18:59:47
Don't leave, Durff!
angeedrapernotthecity: 18:59:49
Durff: 18:59:51
did the noise stop?
Lisa Parisi: 18:59:59
Robin Ellis: 19:00:00
Yes it did
Durff: 19:00:02
i am right here
angeedrapernotthecity: 19:00:04
Yes, but you could have just muted.
Sue Waters: 19:00:05
yes thank goodnes
Durff: 19:00:10
where is this template?
Lisa Parisi: 19:00:29
my question too durff
Durff: 19:00:38
mute would not have stopped it
Simon Brown: 19:00:46
sms txt chat lingua http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SMS_language
Durff: 19:00:59
i want the template (rannting)
Robin Ellis: 19:02:35
Durff are you following Darren?
Robin Ellis: 19:02:42
When you go to manage space
Robin Ellis: 19:02:56
You can create templates there, different types
Sue Waters: 19:03:00
mmm going into Abobe Connect
Durff: 19:03:03
i am still a user
Sue Waters: 19:03:11
wondering if this is possiible
Robin Ellis: 19:03:11
Sue Waters: 19:03:26
and thinking I also want to use Elluminate
Durff: 19:03:53
i am still lost on this cool tamplate thing
Durff: 19:04:06
i may have a temper tantrum
Durff: 19:04:12
Durff: 19:04:34
oh! I see it!!!
Robin Ellis: 19:04:44
When you are in manage space there is template link, when you create a page you have the option to use a template you have created
Durff: 19:04:53
Robin Ellis: 19:05:02
Lisa Parisi: 19:14:18
Lisa Parisi: 19:14:31
darren can open that up now
Sue Waters: 19:17:42
if you guys want to test the abode conenct session for tomorrow here is the link http://webconf.det.nsw.edu.au/nswlearnscope
Durff: 19:19:12
abode conenct session?
angeedrapernotthecity: 19:19:33
Great. Give us just a minute. We're there...
John Maklary: 19:19:38
Kids are mostly down. I'm back
Sue Waters: 19:19:51
I am doing a presentation tomorrow if any of you want to join it is in Adbode connect which is a Virtual classroom
Sue Waters: 19:20:30
presentation at 9-10 am Perth West Australian time
Sue Waters: 19:20:52
tomorrow - is on social networking want to make it interactive4
Robin Ellis: 19:21:16
I will be there Sue
Durff: 19:21:20
Sue Waters: 19:21:27