Here are a few of our favorite online applications

  • FlickrStorm - Allows you to search Flickr for images licensed through Creative Commons, you can download images and save as an html page. For districts that block images searches this is an alternative for teachers to search and provide images to students for use.
  • Voicethread - Allows you to upload pictures and add voice or text annotations
  • Slideshare - Easily share your PowerPoint presentations online.
  • - Online brainstorming application
  • Flixn - Easily record video (podcasts, lessons, etc.) with your webcam.
  • Springdoo - Create audio and video email messages. (multiple uses as part of Universal Design for Learning)
  • Flashmeeting Plan an online meeting with others from around the globe, all you need is a web browser, an internet connection, web cam and a microphone. During the meeting one person can broadcast at a time and others can contribute through chat.