I had to interrupt the class because I had to “teach” for an hour, when I came back, they had moved; I thought I would never find them. However, I did. This is always surprising; I’m supposed to be an immigrant.
They had watched a video (I guess Shift Happens, should have asked)
I didn’t know how to talk in the elluminate session, awful. Finally I spoke, and felt so nervous that I said several incoherent things. It’s difficult for me to talk and read, or listen and read, or listen and read and write at the same time. One drawback: I cannot touch type. I’m working on that, though. After trying different programs I found this one, which is great.

Something I love about the web is the surprise that is sometimes waiting for you behind a link. (Is it "behind"?)
I was surprised today when I clicked on What is social softwareand could see a google presentation. The first one I saw.
The teachers I've had have very seldom surprised me.