A weblog (usually shortened to blog, but occasionally spelled web log or weblog) is a web-based publication consisting primarily of periodic articles, most often in reverse chronological order.

  • To view many of the educational uses of blogs, please review this web page.
  • To view how you can improve your blog (once you get serious), take a look at this guy's tips.

Some educators think that every teacher should blog. Here's a list of a few reasons why.

The History of Blogging


  1. Create a blog. You may use Blogger or Edublogs (as well as a number of other blogging platforms) to create your own educational blog (for free). If you are considering having your students blog, you may want to use Class Blogmeister.
  2. Create at least one post to your blog every week we are in class.
  3. Post a link to your blog in your wiki portfolio.
  4. Visit the blog of at least three other students in our class (you'll find the links by visiting their wiki portfolios). Comment once while visiting.